Give Me a Pencil, I’ll Give You a Manuscript

What method of transcription do you use? Type writer, word processing, pen , pencil, or voice recording with transcription?

I love a sharp #2 pencil, Ticonderoga #2 HB, to be exact. When I was a young teen, I read a biography about Ernest Hemingway. It had many black/white pictures of him writing at home in Cuba. The book described in detail how Mr. Hemingway wrote long hand with a pencil. In one picture you could see stacks of loose paper, files and notebooks all around him. I would have given anything to been able to see and feel all those notes and first draft manuscripts.

At seeing this, I thought in a very fourteen year old boy way, wow, he writes like me! Nothing egocentric there! I do use yellow legal pad paper, the shortened version. The longer standard does not fit in my worn out briefcase/ bag. Ring bound notebooks were the bane of my left-handed existence. Often, I would resort to turning them upside down and write back to front.

Typing, I can type efficiently enough, unless typing efficiently is a priority. I’m a four finger assassin of sorts, pecking away like a blind hen searching for my last meal.

So how do you do it, I’d love to hear. On a last note: I’m thinking about giving Dragon speech recognition a try. I find myself verbally working through dialogue frequently then asking my wife what I had said hours later…she usually knows ;).

At Pearl’s Tavern, an excerpt from “The Monsters of Men” by C. W. Hime, 2nd of a young readers summer series/thriller

“Walk in your humanity enough and you’ll soon discover that everybody and everything owes you something. In my book, that makes you some kind of poor son of a bitch…Try on your spirit, and you’ll find you need nothing in return.” …From a bar stool at “Pearl’s Tavern”, Darrport, Louisiana. Happy 103rd Birthday, Pearl!Image