“Unlike Mr. Hemingway Continues” by C.W. Hime

Wow, how time steals from the things we love. Nonetheless, I am here. I see my last comments were June 12 of last year. So much life has happened since. So much time stolen…and perhaps wasted. After all, there is always some personal accountability is there not?
I turned 55 this year. I turned 54 last year and 53 the year before that. I see a trend here with no end in site. One might be tempted to point to the obvious, “death”.
But I would argue that if one is a spiritual person then death is only a step towards eternity. Or, if one is successful enough to have their life celebrated by the masses, it could be said that Mr. Hemingway will be 117 years old on his birthday, July 21st. Now that’s a life well lived! …I will deliberately forego mentioning he took his own life 19 days short of his 62nd birthday.
Hmm, I wonder what about 62 troubled him so?

Personally, I’m looking forward to 117. I hope I’ve actually done something more than write another paragraph or 2 once a year. That would be 70 or so paragraphs collectively over the course of the next 62 years. That’s not prolific, and very unlike Mr. Hemingway.

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