“Much About Nothing” by C.W. Hime

Before I’ve written a word, I’m already sidetrack by the obsessive nature of my tendencies. I think I would like to eliminate the periods following the “C” and the “W’ in my name. It’s my father’s name actually, Charles William.

I use his name because I’m proud he was mine and I think a man like him should not go unnoticed. My father lived his life largely isolated, even from the few friends he had and most certainly, family save his mother and me.

Ironically, he went by Bill. He hated Charles and any of it’s synonyms like Charlie or Chuck. And if irony had a brother it would be this notion, my name is Bill, William Edward to be exact. I hate Edward and go by C.W. to honor my father!

Now none of this has anything to do with me wanting to write “CW” in lieu of “C.W.”. One could argue that “C.W.” is grammatically correct and I suppose it does look a bit more polished. But “CW” is easier to type, takes up less space and confuses the analytical fool that spends too much time staring at and pondering absurdly what kind of name is “CW”?!

Now if ironies brother had a sister it would be this, Grandma Hime was called “Mammy”, but her name was Ethel. I do not think she disliked being called Ethel or grandma or grandmother.

So here comes ironies sister’s illegitimate baby, my dad never addressed her with any of those, he just called her mom. Go figure…

And now you know too much about nothing. C.W. Hime

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