Getting Published Over 50

I suppose that title should specify, getting published over 50 for the first-time author. Some time back I read an article, possibly in Writer’s Digest, that suggested that it was difficult for a first-time author to have work accepted after 50 years of age. The concern being that you might not have more than one or two books in you.

As a writer with a plethora of material in different states of development and a fertile mind that borders on being distracting, I would like to know if there is any ground in this notion.

I will plainly admit that I have not one finished manuscript to test this idea with. Having recently retired from healthcare, I plan on changing that.

Then there’s traditional versus self-publishing. I have done a great deal of prior research on the traditional method. I’m not opposed to self-publishing. I guess my first ignorant response to the idea was “great, lets just flood the market with a lot of useless material and give haven to all the idiots that don’t get it, they suck”.

Not to be mean spirited but most writer’s clubs has one or two. And during shared reading it feels more like an AA meeting and you’re listening to that one guy. You know, the one everyone knows is still drinking and everyone knows he’s still lying about it.

So I throw this out there; if anyone knows what the truth to this notion is, could you share it here on this blog. And no, the truth either way, will not dissuade me from my passion. I’m here to stay and with plenty of time to test this new ground.



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