Managing Time

I just spent my valuable morning writing block reviewing the Writing Workshop of Chicago, May 14th, 2016. I just spent 20 more minutes eating cereal, staring at this first sentence and monitoring the time in the corner of my screen.

I’m now 40 minutes past my allotted time. The daily time I have set for writing is 9:00 am to 12 noon. So if I spent 20 minutes eating cereal then started writing again 40 minutes past my allotted time, WHERE DID THAT PRECIOUS 20 MINUTES GO?!.

Moving the 32 feet from the study to kitchen and back, taking a moment to pet our dog, Memphis the Mastiff, grabbing a handful of jellybeans…well, I guess that’s where it went.

I’ve never been to a writer’s conference or workshop. I’ve only been a serious writer for about 4 days…this time around. The Chicago workshop is only a 3 hour trip, so no overnight expenses, just cost of workshop and any extras, paid time with agents. etc.. I would have to take my wife. She’s my greatest advocate and best friend, not to mention, she remembers everything! So the cost just doubled. I don’t suppose they have a reduced rate for advocates and human dictation machines..?

Now it’s 20 after 1:00 pm. I’m suppose to be working up a bid for my first client with my new business, C.W. Hime Carpentry and Millworks. Don’t worry, I won’t let her down, she’s also a dear friend.

In assessing what I have done this week thus far; Monday I built my company webpage, Applied for a contractor’s license and reviewed state requirements. Blogged, motivated my unmotivated son to do something..he raked leaves. 

Tuesday I did a controlled burn on our property, visited my clients condo, took measurements and discussed designs. Oh, and wrote the first draft prologue for my novel, “Donor Farms”, which you can read here on my site, page link at the top.

Wednesday I blogged, worked on my business plan, took some calls regarding my retirement, did some heavy cleaning around the house-loaded the truck for the dump.

Thursday I wrote the story concept for “The Mud People”, the second in the series novel to “Donor Farms”. You can read both here on my site. It too, has a page link at the top. We then drove our son to be dropped off for a spring break family trip. that was a 3 hour round trip.

So here we are Friday morning..well now afternoon. I’ve been with you most of my day so far. I will spend the rest of the afternoon working on my bid and drawing some designs. My wife will be home from traveling with work about 6:30 pm.

I guess my week has gone pretty well. As far as blogging and writing, I’ve managed to gut something out everyday. Not bad volume for a two-fingered, 1 thumb-space bar typist.

Did I say my wife will be home from work at 6:30 pm and our son is away on spring break?! I can’t wait to see her!