The Mud People

Twelve years into the “New Renaissance”, the America’s are almost devoid of violent crime. The EORC’s are working at half capacity. Medicine has seen quantum advancement largely due to loopholes in the Violent Crime Act, making human testing the business of the day.

The groundbreaking legislation in 2018 has been heralded as the most successful implementation of policy in two centuries. Opposition was initially fervent and even violent. By it’s very existence, The Violent Crime Act quieted it’s detractors and under the ever-growing hand of Homeland Security dispersed or eliminated organized activism.

Economically, the U.S. is experiencing a zenith with the science and medical industries creating more billionaires than ever before. And soon, BioCorp would announce it’s first “trillionaire” CEO, Tyler Mackenzie. The new face of the millionaire workforce is made up of medical professionals, nurses, therapist, and associated managers. The Trade Unions are strong and have a seat in government under the new party structure. Even general laborers are guaranteed free housing, healthcare and transportation.

But not all is well. Organ transplantation and medical procedures are at an all-time high. The EORC’s no longer can keep up with an ever-growing peaceful society. International end-fighting is rising, over control as caretaker of the world’s third world population.

Six years prior, the European Union hesitantly followed suit with it’s own EORC program. France, remaining as the single holdout, has become the well of free thinkers of open forum debate concerning the new world stage. Germany’s only resistance was that it wanted nothing to do with having an EORC on it’s soil, given it’s past history. England agreed, taking responsibility for housing the facility.  Europe now faces the same issues as the U.S., peace abounds…

The collapse of the Russian government is in the hands of it’s people for the time being with the EU watching closely. As for China, shortly before going public with it’s already existing organ procurement program two years after the U.S., It was stricken by a unidentified disease centered in Beijing that has decimated the old party leadership and spread throughout the localized populace. Recently, the WHO, World Health Organization, has identified the virus as a new airborne vector originating from rodent feces. A similar virus was responsible for an outbreak in the state of Arizona in the U.S. in the early 90’s.

The final piece of the ever-changing global puzzle is the strangle-hold a group calling themselves “GEO”, Global Ecological Organization, has on the world’s combined nuclear arsenal. They appear to exist only on the net but move fluidly past firewalls exhibiting unlimited access. Current fear is that they have already used nano technology to trigger military equipment that is independent of computer interface.

With so much at stake and Pandora’s Box wide open, you have to ask;

  • How will the U.S. and the EU quench it’s thirst for organ and tissue donors?
  • Why so much fighting over caring for the third world  population?
  • What’s to become of China and the recently collapsed Russia?
  • Who or what is GEO?

….Who are,  “The Mud People”?


“The Mud People”, is an epic novel, second in series to, “Donor Farms”. I started writing both in 1993. They have sat for years. I’m now rewriting both bringing them up to date with technology and the current world stage. I look forward to any input as I share exerts as chapters develop.